Is 20bet a good bet for the CAN?

It's an open secret: European soccer leagues have always been at the center of bookmakers' sports offerings. Yet Africa also offers major competitions that are not always covered by betting platforms. This is especially the case for the African Cup of Nations, which is often boycotted by bookmakers with the exception of a few references, including 20bet. Discover through this article all that the bookmaker offers on the CAN.

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The offer dedicated to the African Cup of Nations

On 20bet, African bettors can largely boast of finding one of their favorite competitions: the CAN. It initially features around 40 teams with 144 matches across Africa. The objective here is to select the various final participants in the competition.


In a precise way, the bookmaker allows you to bet on these hundreds of matches through a variety of odds. It also keeps track of the event and offers all the matches in advance and live. Advance matches allow pre-match or pre-match betting. On the other side, you can bet live on your favorite team thanks to the live and streaming functionality.

A total of 24 teams are divided into 12 groups. With 20bet, you will enjoy ample streaming of the matches in each group incorporating the favorites and the underdogs. Therefore, matches like Nigeria VS Egypt or Senegal VS Ivory Coast can improve your bets.

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Make various types of bets on CAN matches with 20bet

20bet is one of the bookmakers that allow you almost unlimited access in betting on the Cup of African Nations. Precisely, every bettor has several types of bets to increase his capital and make big gains. Here are some examples to rely on:

Focus on the 1N2 or 1x2

This type of betting can be very beneficial during the CAN elimination phase. Concretely, it is used to bet on three options namely:

  • the victory for the host team 1;
  • the victory of the away team 2;
  • the draw.

It's important to remember that each option embeds odds that can vary depending on the two teams.

Focus on the double chance

Here, you just need to place your bets on 2 options from the three above mentioned. For example, it could be Benin (team 2) winning over Angola and the two teams drawing. The double chance has the advantage of being less dangerous, but has relatively low odds.

Zoom on the exact score

As the name suggests, this type of betting involves predicting the exact score of a match. For more chances, 20bet offers you variants. For example, you can predict the score at the end of the 1st game.

Live betting

The other special feature for the CAN is that 20bet has a promotional offer only for this bet. Indeed, the bookmaker gives you up to 1,000 euros of free bets by betting on the exact score of 10 matches. 20bet expands the offer and declines its proposal under three angles:

  • 100 euros for the exact score of 8 games;
  • 500 euros for the exact score of 9 games ;
  • 1,000 euros for the exact score of 10 games.

To access it, all you need to do is make a deposit of more than 20 euros during the last 5 days.

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